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Systems Testing & measuring

Refine processes for efficiency and effectiveness.  Only spend time on what makes a difference.


Easily understood manuals prepare your organization for success.  Remove opportunities for costly human errors.

growth & Budgeting

Actionable planning to achieve your growth targets.  Clearly visualize your budget and strategy.

Operational Workflows

Encourage collaboration while eliminating redundancy.

Product / Service Profitability

Target and measure the metrics that tell you if you are on track to achieve results.

Employee Performance Management

Enable each employee to make a greater impact.  Establish buy-in and create a better work culture.

Our Specialties

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Business Consulting


Growth & Budgeting

Systems Testing & measuring

Operational workflows

Product/Service profitability

Position Descriptions


Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Regardless of the type of organization you run, data exists that can help you to make better decisions. We geek out over identifying, testing, & measuring the data that will keep your decisions better informed.


Revenue Increase


REturn Users


What others are saying…

Keeping my systems and financials together has always been a challenge. It’s one thing that I’m always putting off and never really looking at. Megan has helped me create some simple systems that are both eye-opening and impactful. I feel more organized and efficient but more importantly, I feel like I have the tools to drive profitability in my business long-term.

Christy Lawrence

Small Business Sales Consultant, Time to Profit

I hired Megan to document our TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile assessment to make it easy for survey administrations to assess their organization. Megan has the right mix of three key strengths. She integrates very well into existing teams. She is persistent and gets to the bottom of issues. She clearly communicates what is required to work through barriers on projects. Let me also add that she also has strategy and implementation strengths that make it easy to delegate complex programs into her care.

Megan is a perfect compliment to my skill sets. I would hire her on other projects again in a heart beat.

Dianne Crampton

Founder, TIGERS Success Series

can’t say enough amazing things about Megan and her business. As a single owner in a business [Culley Insurance Group], there are so many aspects to give your attention to- sales, marketing, budget, HR, SEO and the list goes on and on.
Megan has patiently helped me review trends within my business and look ahead to the future to see where I am going. She is helping me look at the ‘big picture’ of where I want to be and where I am and is helping me with a plan on how to grow my business as fast as I want. I know my industry very well- I love SALES and the interaction with people, but I can’t use quickbooks to save my life- nor do I want to. Leave that to the professionals like Megan. I never would have thought to use a Financial Strategist and I’m so happy that I found Megan. If you are looking to grow your business or want to really know where all your money is going inside the business, I HIGHLY recommend Megan. She will get you from Frenzy to Freedom in no time.

Elizabeth Culley

Queen Bee, Culley Insurance Group

If you’re looking for help to achieve your financial goals and go the extra mile for your company then Frenzy to Freedom is your choice! Megan was always a pleasure to work with. I learned a lot from her and she was always going above and beyond to help us with our needs!

Kyle Collier

General Manager, Restoration

Few people have the pleasure of working with such a dedicated professional like Megan. Over the course of over 10 years I saw her continuously and tirelessly acquiring new skills, which she in turn reinvested vigorously by employing them in all of her work. She rapidly advanced through several promotions all the way to the position of Director of Operations. She has the extraordinary skill of creating systems where none exist, and applying them in a way that lets everybody around her work much more efficiently. Through her amazing attention to detail, she is able to generate time- and cost savings in the arenas of finance, operations and marketing strategies.
I have enjoyed tremendously working with Megan and will miss her committed and loyal nature that drives her to make everything she does a win-win-win.

Uwe Doeringer

Former Managing Partner, Dragonfly Expeditions

Megan takes care of the books and accounting of our hair salons in Miami. Her level of detail and knowledge is excellent, and her professionalism is beyond reproach. She is more on top of what I need to do and my finances than I will ever be. Her monthly P&L calls are full of proper and useful financial advice, I could not ask for anyone better than Megan to keep my accounting on point. It is also noteworthy that she took over five years of unorganized bookkeeping and organized them perfectly (which speaks so much about her level of organization and attention to detail). I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who requires her professional expertise.

Alain Hachem

General Manager, Hair by Hisham

Frenzy To Freedom took over a large part of my company’s HR and accounting tasks so I could focus on moving my business in a different direction. With expertise, they swiftly and professionally ensured all payroll, accounts payable and billing deadlines were met. My employees and vendors were thrilled to work with a firm that was friendly and attentive to their requests. I highly recommend Frenzy To Freedom’s top-notch services.


Former Owner, Network Management Services

Megan’s attention and time made a radical difference in the financial trajectory of my business. I had an idea that I wanted to increase my profits and she helped me realize that I could and develop a plan to do so. Within the first quarter of working with Megan, I doubled my gross income! Right of the bat, I gained a clear understanding of the financial health of my business and was able to make adjustments that increased my profits that very quarter!

Melissa Tugmon

Owner, Inspired Melissa

Megan is a patient, reliable and natural teacher. From Megan, I’m learning a new way to think about long term planning, and how to communicate the story numbers tell about the business. I’m incredibly grateful for your invaluable, excellent and focused service!

Aly Waibel

Program Director, Compassion Institute

Megan Fries worked for my company for over 11 years. Loyal, dedicated, extremely hard working, she is one of those employees that you wonder how you can ever do without. Responsible to the last minute, Megan created systems and manuals about every aspect of her job that has allowed us to integrate others into the tasks that she once oversaw. I would have happily attended her retirement party 20 years hence, although probably in a decrepit state due to our difference in age, but she has new horizons to conquer and we have to be grateful for her amazing contributions to our organization over the years. We miss her greatly.

Charles Kropke

CEO, Dragonfly Expeditions & Margaritaville Adventures

It is important to work “on the organization” Megan makes it easy and creates accountability to work on improving the organization.

Brenda S

Executive Director, Regional NGO Non-Profit

Megan has helped us be more efficient & productive. Work smarter not harder is our motto this year & she’s definitely made us better!

Robin E

Director of Development, International NGO Non-Profit

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