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Bend, OR, March 23, 2020

Contact: Dianne Crampton, President, TIGERS Success Series, Inc.




Contact: Megan Fries, President of Frenzy to Freedom

458 – 202 – 0885


 Local Operational Strategist, Megan Fries, Joins TIGERS Success Series, Inc. as a TIGERS® Licensed Independent Consultant

 Megan Fries of Bend, Oregon has joined the ranks of elite business consultants licensed to provide TIGERS® Success Series’ comprehensive suite of corporate team culture and team behavior improvement resources in North America. Adding to her own services that include finance consulting, business consulting, project management, nonprofit consulting, management coaching, and HR consulting, Fries will also be facilitating with TIGERS in the remote work team development arena while helping managers make the leap from traditional to online team management. (79 words)

“We acknowledge that the management of remote workers and teams is a unique situation that many organizations in North America have been faced with only recently due to the novel coronavirus crisis. Megan’s proven skills as a project manager make her an ideal consultant to work with since remote worker management and project management share many similarities,” said Dianne Crampton, president of TIGERS Success Series. “We are pleased to introduce Megan Fries to other licensed consultants, while building a collaborative community of consultants delivering measurable, winning results to their clients.”


About TIGERS Success Series

TIGERS® Success Series of Bend, Oregon is a comprehensive, trademarked team behavior system that illuminates 6 Principles that measurably improve workforce behavior and work culture. The TIGERS 6 Principles™ are trust, interdependence, genuineness, empathy, risk and success.


The TIGERS 6 Principles were discovered through research conducted into Education, Psychology and Business group dynamics. Since then, TIGERS’ comprehensive team system provides assessment, micro-training and group consulting and facilitation services with the vision of improving the world one team at a time.


Crampton discovered through her comprehensive research that the TIGERS 6 Principles are necessary for building ethical, quality-focused, productive, cooperative and successful groups of people. The TIGERS 6 Principles improve team productivity while making organizations more profitable and efficient.


For more than 20 years, TIGERS has worked with motivated leaders and their employees through mergers, culture change and group development initiatives that transform adequate working groups into truly exceptional ones.


For more information, please visit https://www.corevalues.com.


Crampton’s fourth published work, Becoming TIGERS ― Leading Your Team to Success will be released June 19, 2020, and can be ordered on Amazon and through bulk orders at http://www.BecomingTIGERS.com.


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