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Level 1: Taking Care of Business

You probably started your business or organization because of your talent or passion. You’re super busy. You may feel that you and your team run around putting out fires or dealing with the item that screams at you the loudest. You likely recognize the value in spending time ON your business but aren’t quite ready to step out of the day to day affairs that keep business running. You may find that you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list but have a long list of things you want to conquer. Don’t worry – there are some simple tricks to help you get to the next level, starting now. Read our tips below to find out more.

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What’s next for me?

  • Make time to work ON your business or organization.  It may seem counterproductive to take time away from the fires to be put out, but work on strategy and planning will keep you from wasting efforts and the busywork. Spend a week tracking your time.  Use proven methods like time blocking, swallowing the frog, and others to help you get the important things done.  
  • Determine what your priorities are.  What is the biggest challenge you currently face?  What would be the result if that was no longer a challenge?  How could will you overcome it?  Make a top three list for the day and get those priorities done before anything else.
  • What is your biggest time suck?  Could you hire or train someone else to do this job so you can do something you are better suited to do? Consider time, skill, and what is sacrificed for loss of time or loss of money.   
  • Consider an audit of your operational systems.  An outside eye may see something that is right in front of you but not obvious.  
  • Create sustainability by taking your budget to the next step.  Redefine your reporting and create more educated expectations.  Tweak your pricing or cost of service to create a better net margin.  

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