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Level 2: Planning for Success

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You have the basics covered. You have a very clear product, service and/or mission. You are looking for ways to save time and money, grow to a new level, and create longevity for the future. Finding the time and resources is a challenge but the value of doing so is worth it to you because you know why you want it.

What’s next for me?

  • Take the guesswork out of workforce development by measuring and testing your team engagement.  Put the right people in the right places and create the resources to allow for the utmost productivity and profitability.  We use a method of assessment proven effective for corporations such as Boeing, Costco, and Oregon State Parks.  Already, have an idea of how you can improve your team member engagement?  A series of structured exercises can enhance your existing values and create a more effective group process.  
  • Establish what the next project of working ON your business or organization looks like.  Do you have a clear strategy for the next 6 months?  Who is involved and at what level?  Create your organization objective, better define job accountabilities, structure check-ins for greater goal achievement, and provide leadership and support to help your business and your team members get to the next level.  
  • You’re already striving to be better.  Are you tracking your progress along the way?  What is working?  What is not working?  Define the metrics and begin a process of testing and measuring that gives confidence to every decision.   

Frenzy to Freedom can help you determine which of these steps to take next and lead you through them.  Call us for a free strategy session | 458-202-0885

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