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Creating more profitable organizations with systems and procedures.

Owners and managers are often overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough support. Frenzy to Freedom provides a systems assessment of financial and team processes to determine how you can move forward with the greatest impact.  Then, works alongside you to make that plan come to life. Giving you the confidence to take action that will increase profitability and allow you to keep more of every dollar earned.

“She has the extraordinary skill of creating systems where none exist, and applying them in a way that lets everybody around her work much more efficiently. Through her amazing attention to detail, she is able to generate time- and cost savings in the arenas of finance, operations and marketing strategies.”

~ Uwe Doeringer, Dragonfly Expeditions

You can depend on me to increase efficiency and profitability within your Organization even if you aren't a detailed person

Prioritize growth with your current systems and team

Frenzy to Freedom provides support for you and your team to gather a snapshot, analyze, and plan for greater success.  Satisfying the need to organize overwhelming demands upon busy people, we facilitate the creation of systems and standards that free up time, resources, and ensure consistency.


What We Do Best

Systems Testing & measuring

Refine processes for efficiency and effectiveness.  Only spend time on what makes a difference.


Easily understood manuals prepare your organization for success.  Remove opportunities for costly human errors.

growth & Budgeting

Actionable planning to achieve your growth targets.  Clearly visualize your budget and strategy.

Operational Workflows

Encourage collaboration while eliminating redundancy.

Product / Service Profitability

Target and measure the metrics that tell you if you are on track to achieve results.

Employee Performance Management

Enable each employee to make a greater impact.  Establish buy-in and create a better work culture.

I hired Megan to document our TIGERS Workforce Behavioral Profile assessment to make it easy for survey administrations to assess their organization. Megan has the right mix of three key strengths. She integrates very well into existing teams. She is persistent and gets to the bottom of issues. She clearly communicates what is required to work through barriers on projects. Let me also add that she also has strategy and implementation strengths that make it easy to delegate complex programs into her care.

Megan is a perfect compliment to my skill sets. I would hire her on other projects again in a heart beat.

~ Dianne Crampton

Founder TIGERS Success Series, Inc.

can't say enough amazing things about Megan and her business. As a single owner in a business, there are so many aspects to give your attention to- sales, marketing, budget, HR, SEO, and the list goes on and on.
Megan has patiently helped me review trends within my business and look ahead to the future to see where I am going. She is helping me look at the 'big picture' of where I want to be and where I am and is helping me with a plan on how to grow my business as fast as I want...

~ Elizabeth Culley

Queen Bee of Culley Insurance Group

I am accountable, loyal, and committed to helping you to achieve results.  Holding positions that encompassed financial management, business development, marketing, and operations I now translate those wins and losses into successes for others.

Over time I learned to prioritize to uphold standards and create growth.  To become more efficient and intentional with my time.  I didn’t want to work less, I wanted to work smartly…

Our Specialties

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Business & non-Profit Consulting


Growth & Budgeting

Accounting Cleanup

Systems Testing & measuring

Operational workflows

Product/Service profitability

Position Descriptions


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