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Budget? Yeah, we should probably have one of those

Budget? Yeah, we should probably have one of those

Goal setting is important and in the scope of budgeting, allows you to maneuver in the right direction.  Your expectations for the month are based on history or intent of efforts.  History, are the reports you pull of your accurate data which tell a story.  Intent of efforts are what you will DO to impact that history.

Data Strategy for Shared Files

Data Strategy for Shared Files

Think about the documents you and your team use every day. You may have spreadsheets with data, policies, and contracts you send to customers and vendors, or documents that you use to help make your teams more effective.

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Conflict isn’t all bad

It can lead to growth, change, seeing things from different perspectives. It can even lead to competitive advatanges and stronger teams.

How Being Mindful Saves You Money

Save time and money, increase relationships with vendors and clients, keep from having to do things over, work more efficiently, increase your happiness and engagement.

Leadership Responsibility

Own It: The Line Between Micromanaging and Losing Sight of what's important  Leaders make tough decisions every day.  Amongst those is what to worry about and what to leave to others.     In other posts (What Does Engagement Have to do with Profit and Employee...

Employee Performance Management

A Step-by-step guide to better performance    Whether you are starting to create your employee performance management strategy or fine-tuning for better performance, a few solid strategies could be the game changer you have been looking for.  Below, are some proven...

Working Better As a Team

Working Better as a Team  For years, there has been a shift towards employees working at times and in places that allow them to work most effectively.  Recently, organizations that had not yet begun that shift experienced more of a struggle but managed to make it...

Process Documentation: Game Changer

Process Documentation: The game Changer for Everyone on Your Team There are many reasons to document processes.  Growth, standardization, and increasing value of the organization are top components that affect everyone from the individual employee to the organization...

Free Up More Time by Keeping Track of It

Free Up More Time by Keeping Track of It  Skip to Tips  Skip to Tracking Instructions  Ever wonder why you don’t have enough time in the day to complete all the things on your to do list? You’re likely wasting it somewhere. There is a huge shift in mindset when you go...

Eat the Frog and Other Ways to Stay on Track with Your Goals

Goal setting is not rocket science but with all the advice and self-help out there, what do you listen to next?   At the beginning of every year, most of us think about a fresh start.  You have a goal or two in mind of what you would like to do differently or get...

Quick Steps to Create Change

Identify: Understand what results you are after.  What reasons are behind the need for change? How will it make lives better or jobs easier?  What road bumps can you expect along the way?  What tools and processes can help you? 

Level Up with Product or Service Profitability Measurements

Once you understand what your products and services are really worth you can start to see some patterns or ideas emerge. So that you can create more profit in your business and stop offering what isn’t working or going to help you reach your goals.

Five Signs You Are Holding Back Your Organization

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