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Frenzy to Freedom provides business support for you and your team to gather a snapshot, analyze, and plan for greater success.  Satisfying the need to organize overwhelming demands upon busy people, we facilitate the creation of systems and standards that free up time, resources, and ensure consistency.

Organizations often have a clear plan for achieving their goals.  Your passion and energy drive the ship. Our attention to detail and operational efficiency keeps that ship on the best possible course.

01. Team

You don't have to know all of the answers or do it all alone.  You can count on us to provide big picture thinking with on-the-ground details in a safe and transparent environment that encourages you and your team to succeed.

02. Accountability

Everyone learns and communicates in different styles and we embrace and appreciate that!  Together, we set expectations and create systems from the get-go to be successful in our meetings and with our homework.  

03. Innovation

With experience across industries and company sizes, we have a broad toolkit of solutions to pull from.  We provide an operational approach to strategic growth with YOUR business goals in mind.


Megan Fries

Megan Fries

Founder / Operational Strategiest

After growing up in Richmond, Indiana, Megan always had a yearning to explore and wander.  Seeking degrees in Adventure Recreation and Environmental Studies at Green Mountain College in Vermont, Megan settled into pursuit of a BS in Outdoor Recreation and Resource Management at Indiana University in Bloomington.   Her love of the ocean led her to an internship in Miami Florida and then Andros Island of The Bahamas.  Remaining in Miami, she continued on with Dragonfly Expeditions, eventually becoming partner in a sister division of the company and leading development of Margaritaville Travel Adventures, a partnership with Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville brand.

Over 10 years and through the 2008 recession, she honed her business development skills working closely with a top business coaching firm.  Her strengths in simplifying systems and procedures for greater profitability emerged.

Embracing her urge to teach others how to become more profitable with organized structure, she took off across the country to visit family and friends, see our nation’s vast beauty, and turn her passions and strengths into Frenzy to Freedom. 

A licensed facilitator, Megan helps groups come to a consensus and create actionable plans toward change.  With experience in both for profit and nonprofit and across a broad array of industries. She helps leaders navigate effectively with project management, delivery, and leadership support.  

I am accountable, loyal, and committed to achieving results.  I climbed the ladder from intern to business partner; holding positions that encompassed financial management, business development, marketing, and operations.

Over time I had to learn to do more with less.  To be more efficient and intentional with my time.  I didn’t want to work less, I wanted my time working to mean the most.

Frenzy to Freedom was born out of the idea of sharing this skill of prioritization towards growth with other business owners and managers.   I love to help others analyze what brings the most value to their time and energy investment. Time is money and whether you want to spend more of it learning, paddleboarding, or building your next business, you can get there faster with planned actions.

What is this "us" business?

What is this "us" business?

Frenzy to Freedom frequently works with teams of other consultants, coaches, and professionals like CPAs.  Depending on the type of support that your business most needs, we may suggest a team approach or refer you directly to someone who could better suit your needs.  If you are a consultant and would like to chat about strategic partnerships, reach out to us today!

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