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Confidently create a more profitable organization with systems and procedures consulting.

Schedule a 30-minute call to identify where to get the most value for your time investment.

You’re past bootstrapping.  You worked plenty hard to get where you are but doing it alone takes too much time.  You need expertise to support you in your next step of growth while maximizing the resources you already have. You can work more efficiently and effectively.


We can help

Feel confident in working on the priorities to help you grow how and when it is right for your organization
Increase communication with transparent workflows

Better Understand data with testing and measuring

Create standards to build consistency

Improve accuracy to save time

No two journeys are the same.  You work hard and that won’t stop.  We want you to focus that time and energy where you can show up best and make the biggest impact.  We work with you to determine the current situation and the plan for a bigger future.  Using proven methods that are customized specifically for you, we create a path together.  As we walk down that path we use tools and resources that translate a goal into reality.

A few examples:

Systems Testing & measuring

Refine processes for efficiency and effectiveness.  Only spend time on what makes a difference.


Easily understood manuals prepare your organization for success.  Remove opportunities for costly human errors.

growth & Budgeting

Actionable planning to achieve your growth targets.  Clearly visualize your budget and strategy.

Operational Workflows

Encourage collaboration while eliminating redundancy.

Product / Service Profitability

Target and measure the metrics that tell you if you are on track to achieve results.

Employee Performance Management

Enable each employee to make a greater impact.  Establish buy-in and create a better work culture.

Owners and managers are often overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough support. Frenzy to Freedom provides a systems assessment of financial and team processes to determine how you can move forward with the greatest impact.  Then, works alongside you to make that plan come to life. Giving you the confidence to take action that will increase profitability and allow you to keep more of every dollar earned.

“She has the extraordinary skill of creating systems where none exist, and applying them in a way that lets everybody around her work much more efficiently. Through her amazing attention to detail, she is able to generate time- and cost savings in the arenas of finance, operations and marketing strategies.”

~ Uwe Doeringer, Dragonfly Expeditions

How It Works

1.) Schedule a Consult

Uncover your biggest priorities and how working together would impact your organization.

2.) Choose a Plan

Do you have a specific project in mind like budget creation, financial cleanup or employee performance management?  Or could you use more comprehensive support to create the best path for your organization?

3.) Move forward with confidence

Keep more of every dollar you work hard for to use for mission fulfillment or profitability.

Stop stressing about your next move.  In as little as 30 minutes you can be moving forward with a plan.

It’s common to reach a point of putting out fires but if you take a step back, create and follow a plan for preventing the fires, then decide where your time can bring you more value.

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